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  1. To carry as well as spread education in field of medicine.
  2. To carry out scientific research in the field of medicine.
  3. To train people with adequate  skills in field of beauty and skin allergies.
  4. To provide services to poor patients free of cost for medical facilities and complete our philanthropic desires.
  5. Provide awareness of hygiene and skin cleanliness to fulfill aim of Swachh Bharat.
  6. To do outreach programs in schools, colleges and other public forums to spread awareness on health and importance of nutrition and teach them basic skin cleaning & allergy and hygiene skills and also spread message of empowerment from an early age.
  1. To spread information and education on anti ageing and how to remain young and healthy for long.
  1. To make people aware of quackery in skin medicine and ensure usage of correct skin products only and to spread information and education on anti allergies.
  1. To ensure better jobs and health for women of weaker socio-economic status.
  1. To establish a medical school for very formal and well-recognized training & to establish an industry for skin care products manufacturing for my country.
  1. To start branches and franchises to ensure that there is a PAN India presence as well as international appearance of our Vision for my country and to ensure better health and longer life span for people of my country.
  1. To ensure better jobs and recognition of courses in different health sectors provided by us at an international platform to our students.
  2. Attempt to impanel our clinics and courses on training and different skills to various countries and to have manufacturing units and marketing units of our products internationally in various countries in the world.
  1. To establish, maintain, assist and encourage the establishment and maintenance in India, as and when deemed proper and expedient, for the purpose of medical relief, hospitals for treatment in skin related diseases especially but also in all other health care services.
  2. To foster, initiate, undertake, provide, assist an institution along with like-minded individuals or institutions in providing medical & educational research, training, guidance, counseling, consultation and evaluation related to cardiac, skin and all other diseases of the body.
  3. To provide for education and training of medical students and nurses and manage suitable educational institution(s) for the purpose, to conduct research, rehabilitation, health promotion experiments and develop learning and training techniques at under-graduate and post-graduate level, in all branches of medical education through establishment of training centers and implementation of innovative schemes.
  1. To provide, establish, endow, furnish with all necessary furniture, instruments, and other equipments, maintain, and manage hospital, in India for the treatment of patients suffering from various diseases; to provide accommodation for the treatment and care of all such patients and to provide facilities for medical or surgical attendance, nursing food, medicine and all other things and appliances of medical, surgical, dietetic and sanitary character. Such hospital(s) shall maintain medical and surgical departments with special thrust on cardiac and other diseases to which the Board of Trustees shall add such other department(s) or branches, as the occasion or circumstances may demand.
  2. To receive any gifts, donations, movable or immovable property, equipment including money either with or without conditions. For the sake of clarity, it is expressly provided that if any such donation(s) shall be received only for the purpose of the corpus of the trust.
  3. To spread happiness and smiles in the society.
  4. To ensure women empowerment.
  5. To impart skill development to the students from 8th standard school certification to professional qualification for self development and empowerment.